Seneca Forester Takes Top Honors

April 30, 2013

The Society of American Forests (SAF) recently elected Seneca Jones Timber Company’s Tree Farm Manager, Ted Reiss, as Oregon’s 2012 Forester of the Year. The Forester of the Year is presented annually to a member of the Oregon society recognized by peers for contributing to both the profession and their community. Ted received the prestigious award on Thursday April 25th, 2013 at the Oregon SAF annual banquet held in Pendleton.

Seneca's Ted Reiss Receives Forester of the Year Award

With over 15 years of experience, Ted is an integral team member in the management of Seneca’s 166,000 acre sustainably-managed tree farm. As a Silviculture Forester and Tree Farm Manager, Ted is responsible for overseeing a silviculture staff of four in all aspects of:

  • Site preparation, seed/seedling/nursery contracts, planting, manual and aerial herbaceous control, tree protection, and stocking management (Pre-Commercial Thinning, fertilization)
  • Genetic tree improvement program and associated coops
  • Silviculture research
  • Early commercial thinning program
  • Fire protection on all company lands – water resources, equipment and personnel/training, and company representation with protection districts.


Additionally, Ted works with Oregonians for Food & Shelter, serves a vital role as a board member on the Eastern Lane Forest Protective Association, and is also a company representative for the Center for Intensive Planted-Forest Silviculture (CIPS).

These are but a few of Ted’s responsibilities and contributions. Ted is a true asset to the Seneca Jones Timber Company team, and we are thrilled that the Oregon SAF is recognizing him for his achievements. Todd Payne, Seneca’s Vice President of Timberlands, shared his thoughts on Ted’s accomplishments:

“Ted came to Seneca in August of 1998 as a Silviculture Forester on our south tree farm (Roseburg, OR). He was my first initial hire after becoming Timberlands Manager and now looking back, one that I’m most proud.  It was apparent early in his Seneca career that he carried a unique and special passion for forestry.  One that has served him well.  Now almost 15-years later, I see a true forestry professional that  gives so much to the profession through his contributions and accomplishments, both here at Seneca as well as his dedicated involvement with the local chapter of the Society of America Foresters. I’m so very proud of Ted. Not just as his supervisor, but as his co-worker and friend.  He exemplifies what a professional forester is all about!”