Seneca Scholarship Offered to Wide Pool of Applicants

February 15, 2017

EUGENE, OR — The Seneca Family of Companies has created the Seneca Scholarship program to award a $5,000 scholarship to an eligible applicant.  Eligible applicants include any junior or senior high school student in Oregon.  The scholarship will be awarded to a single recipient based on an essay contest.  To prepare for the essay, the applicant is required to hold three different interviews with people connected to the wood products industry, based on this question: “What are the benefits of forest management for the forest and for the community?”

Seneca’s mission is for students to learn about Oregon’s greatest natural resource in the process of this application. While most scholarships aim to narrow their pool of applicants, Seneca views this as a unique opportunity to give all students, no matter their academic standing, demographic, or athletic talent, the chance to earn a college scholarship with their excellence in research and creativity.

The Seneca Scholarship is for $5,000 toward an Oregon college of their choice irrespective of GPA or any other qualification.  Seneca is offering the scholarship to get the future generations involved and interested in the industry and to have a better understanding of sustainable forest management.  By writing the essay, “They put themselves in the position to win a scholarship and at the same time they’re being educated about something that is extremely important to the State of Oregon and to the viability of our natural resources.”, says co-owner Kathy Jones-McCann.

She goes on to say “I think its huge for the kids that have always felt that they couldn’t compete, grade wise, that they know they can apply for this scholarship because even if they don’t earn the scholarship, or they don’t go to college, it may have given them some insight and some inspiration into the wood products industry.”.

The essay contest, now open, can be entered online at The deadline for all students to upload their 5-10-page essay applications is March 29, 2017.

Co-owner Becky Jones says “Education is so valuable. It should be available to anyone who wants it and is willing to put in the work.”Tree Farm