Seneca Receives 2017 Community Spirit Award

January 9, 2018

We were honored to receive the 2017 Community Spirit Award from the Bethel Education
Foundation at their annual breakfast on October 13, 2017. Although we were excited to win
the award, we are 10 times more excited to see how much is being accomplished for the kids
by this foundation. Things like outdoor school, tools for special needs teachers, science
materials, and field trips get funded so our kids can learn about the world around them. We
are so thankful that foundations like BEF exist!

 “Our community is fortunate to have a family operated and employee focused local business
with a heart of gold for those who need a helping hand. Your sharing and giving to our
community is something we are honored to highlight along with recognizing over 60 years of
Seneca community stewardship. Congratulations on your well-deserved Community Spirit
Award.” Jennifer Jacobson, Executive Director, BEF