Seneca Updates Logo After 65 Years

July 24, 2018

EUGENE, OR – After 65 years of using what was originally a handwritten script for their logo, Seneca unveiled its new logo marking the most dramatic change in its visual identity since 1953.

Keeping the company’s signature green and tagline, they added a graphic representing nature and used clear and bold lettering.  The new logo speaks to the future while still honoring the past.

“We have created a logo that both represents what we do and the importance and respect we have for the environment with which we work and live.” Said Co-Owner Jody Jones.

Holding more than 25 patents, Seneca has always had a culture of innovation. They have some of the most innovative sawmills in the world, the cleanest running biomass facility in America, and their tree farm is managed sustainably and currently has 92% more stock than it had 25 years ago.

Even though their company was on a forward-thinking trajectory, their logo didn’t embody what they had become.  “We decided to step out of the ‘60’s generation into the future which we are always working toward with great excitement.” said Co-Owner Becky Jones.  She went on to say “We’d rather be thinking about new products or inventing new products or new ways to do things than anything else in the world.”

The logo was unveiled at the Seneca company picnic attended by over 750 Seneca employees and their family members on Saturday where it was met with great excitement.