Students Tour Facilities to Celebrate National Manufacturing Day

November 8, 2018

250 students from all over Lane County and scores of teachers and chaperones toured local manufacturing facilities on National Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 5th.

The tours exposed students to the people, processes, and products produced in our local market. Students were onsite and learned firsthand about manufacturing in Lane County, career opportunities, and desired skills.

Last year was the first year the tours were offered, and 185 students signed up. The tours were so popular that demand has surged, and this year an extra bus was added as well as an additional event the evening before Manufacturing Day for school administrators and school board members with abbreviated tours of two facilities to help them understand the companies and opportunities in their own communities.

School administrators enjoy a sunset cocktail hour

Seneca played a big role in the creation of this local Manufacturing Day effort as well as the execution of it. On the evening of October 4th after the school administrators had gone through a tour of Hummingbird Wholesale, their bus came to Seneca where Todd Payne jumped on the bus and gave them a narrated tour of the facility. The bus then dropped them off at our main office where we hosted them and other community leaders for a cocktail hour to make connections and discuss how industry could best partner with the schools to get students ready for careers. It was an exciting evening.

The next day was Manufacturing Day. The event started at the Valley River Mall parking lot with five buses and hundreds of parents dropping students off. Each student had to check in and find their assigned bus. Most of the busses were scheduled to go to two separate manufacturing facilities in the area, but at Seneca we were honored to be the only industry partner to host a busload of students for the entire time and where we toured them through the merchandiser, the Hewsaw, the stud mill, the dimension mill and the cogen facility.

After the tour we hosted them for lunch in the main office and got to sit at tables with them and eat while conversing about their plans for the future, their hopes and their dreams.

We are so excited about this next generation of kids. We are proud to help them in any way we can, and we were thrilled to be able to introduce Oregon’s most established sector to a new generation.

Students tour the mill on Manufacturing Day