Timber Unity

June 26, 2019

We stand in awe and complete appreciation of the working men and women in this great state who are taking a day off to head to Salem in droves to be heard tomorrow.  The group #timberunity started a mere 20 days ago, now has over 30,000 members.  It quickly went beyond timber, and now encompasses ranchers, farmers, fishermen, coffee shop owners, hairdressers and so many others who keep this state going.  They are heading to the Oregon State Capitol from all over the state driving log trucks, hauling their boats, driving tractors and of course cars, trucks and SUV’s.   Their ask is to be heard. They think this huge new Cap and Trade bill that would collect about $700 million annually and create a whole new arm of state government would be unwanted by Oregonians.  They are asking to have the bill killed or at a minimum, to have it referred to the people so we can all vote on it instead of having it pushed through with an emergency clause.

We thank the people of Oregon who care deeply about their communities as well as the environment we all live in, and are asking to be heard.


Sent 6/25/2019