Managing Today’s Resources for Tomorrow

View from Seneca Jones Timber Company land on Days Creek

Days Creek

For almost 40 years, Seneca Sawmill operated under the promise made by the Federal Government that they would manage their timberlands in such a way as to provide sawmills with raw material into perpetuity.  This commitment was made in the late ’40s and early ’50s, so that sawmills could provide jobs to thousands of returning veterans and provide lumber for a growing Nation.

In the late 1980s, that promised supply of timber began to significantly diminish.  It became clear that the day would soon come when we would no longer have public timber available to help support our mills.  In order to provide our mills with the raw material to allow them to produce the building materials that the Country needs, in 1989 Seneca Jones Timber Company became a landowner with an initial acquisition of just 30,000 acres of timberland, marking the start of the company’s extension of absolute quality control from seedling selection to finished product.  Today, as a forest industry leader, we own and professionally manage over 165,000 acres of Oregon forestland.

Our forests contain vast quantities of second-growth timber, managed on a sustainable basis.   The predominant species is Douglas fir, with other conifer species including hemlock, cedar and white fir.  In addition, we’re actively involved in a cooperative tree improvement program which increases both our timber quality and quantity.

At Seneca Jones Timber Company, our forest policy consists of more than just the planting, growing and harvesting of trees.  Our forests are also managed to protect and provide habitat for fish and wildlife, clean air and water, soils and recreational opportunities.  The combination of these values provide the necessary foundation for not just healthy forests, but more importantly, healthy ecosystems.

The professional forestry staff at Seneca Jones Timber Company brings over 395 years of combined forestry experience as part of the Seneca family.  Like our trees, our motivated employees are a highly valued resource and discover new ways to become more innovative and productive with each passing year.  On average, each Seneca forestry professional brings over 12+ years of experience to the team.

Continued timberland acquisitions, sustainable forest management, and the use of highly skilled forestry professionals creates a winning combination that guarantees Seneca can meet future market needs for many generations to come.