Many Families Depend on Our Stewardship

Seneca Jones Timber Company supports the efforts of The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds, established in 1997.   Over the last 15+ years Seneca has completed multiple watershed restoration and enhancement projects to restore aquatic habitat and improve water quality conditions in Oregon.  Since the project inception, Seneca’s contributions exceed $4.5 million dollars in cash and in-kind assistance to improve water quality and fish habitat.  In addition, we provide a cooperative effort to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to monitor watershed characteristics, juvenile fish populations and adult spawning surveys.  To learn more about The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watershed Program, please click here.

Depicted below is a a project on our Smith River Tree Farm.  In this case, during summer season, water levels diminish, making this culvert very difficult for fish navigability.   Seneca elected to replace this culvert with a bridge, restoring the original stream condition and significantly improving aquatic habitat and fish migration.

Watershed enhancement project replaced a low flowing culvert with a bridge for fish passage

After Improvement

Culvert under forest road before enhancement project

Before Improvement