Growing and Investing in our Future Family

Seneca Jones Timber Company Larch Seedling

Third Generation Larch Seedlings Build Stand Diversity

Seneca Jones Timber Company seedlings for future reforestation

Our Seed Becomes a Healthy Seedling at the Nursery

Each year Seneca Jones Timber Company plants in excess of ONE MILLION seedlings.





After harvest, Seneca Jones Timber Company takes great care in the reforestation of our lands. Our seedlings represent seven different species which assures diversity in our next generation forests.  We strive to reforest our lands in the first planting season after harvest, and at the maximum, no more than the second season.  Seedlings are replanted on a 10′ x 10′ spacing or approximately 435 trees per acre.

Seneca participates in several seed orchard cooperatives to ensure that our seedlings are grown from superior genetic stock.   We also work with multiple nurseries to improve the best growing stock once a seed becomes a seedling.  Our foresters make certain that the appropriate seedling stock is selected by seed zone and elevation to begin the seedling’s lifespan with a good start!

Once our trees are in the ground, we utilize various silviculture practices to ensure that our seedlings survive the first year.  At Seneca our objective is to obtain a survival rate of more than 90% by year three.

Seneca utilizes the latest techniques to control competing vegetation.  As the seedlings grow, we may apply fertilizer to facilitate both seedling health and growth.  As the tree matures, we identify stands for precommercial and commercial thinning opportunities to bring more sunlight to a stand, maximizing both quality and growth.

Our motto: “Managing Today’s Resources for Tomorrow”!