Our Thriving Family Continues to Grow

Cavitt Creek Tributary on Seneca Jones Timber Company land

At Seneca Jones Timber Company, Aaron Jones led the commitment to sustainable stewardship of our forests, with a motivated desire to pass his legacy to future generations.  Now, this legacy embraces Aaron’s vision and continues its sustained growth and time honored tradition through the leadership of Aaron’s three daughter, Becky, Kathy and Jody.

Today’s marketplace and more importantly, our customers, expect that the resources used in the manufacturing of building products comes from responsibly managed forests.

At Seneca, we thoughtfully follow a comprehensive system of principles, objectives and performance measures that reflects how we manage our lands; not only for sustainable timber production, we also protect and provide habitat for fish and wildlife, clean air and water, soils and recreational opportunities.  The combination of these values provides the necessary foundation for not just healthy forests, but more importantly, healthy ecosystems.

Each year our Inventory Analysts measure the growth of our trees and enters this information into proven computer models to ensure that our allowable harvest levels are on target.  The growth on our forests continue to surpass and exceed the allowable level of harvest year after year.

Seneca prides itself by responsibly utilizing “Best Management Practices” while conducting forest activities on its lands that meet, and more commonly exceed, the rules and regulations of the Oregon Forest Practices Act.