Public Recreation

Seneca’s lands are intermingled with a variety of ownerships, including private, industrial and federal property. As a privilege, a significant portion of Seneca’s ownership is generally open to the public for recreation outside of fire season. For information about current fire season conditions and closures, please refer to Seneca’s Fire Information page.

  • Motorized vehicles are required to adhere to existing roads which are appropriately surfaced, such as pavement or gravel, to prevent both property damage and erosion.  Use by ATV’s and motorcycles is prohibited.
  • On some areas of the property, especially lands intermingled with other private ownership, access may be completely restricted (gated or posted) or limited to non-motorized vehicles only.
  • All travel is at your own risk.  All recreationalists are required to yield to forest management vehicles, including heavy equipment and log truck traffic.
  • Select appropriate parking spots that do not impede gates or require other vehicles to go off-road.  Other than foot traffic, off-road use of the property is strictly prohibited.
  • Seneca maintains a no camping, no smoking, and no campfire policy in the use of its lands.
  • Entry permits are required for both organized events and commercial uses.

Please feel free to contact our forestry offices at Eugene and Roseburg for more site specific information.

As a guest, remember use of private lands is a privilege.

Tioga Bridge built in partnership with Seneca Jones Timber Company

Bureau of Land Management’s recent Tioga Bridge Project completed in partnership with Seneca Jones Timber Company.