Dimension Mill

Seneca’s Dimension Mill can process logs with diameters ranging from 12 to 40 inches in size; although our average diameter is 16-17 inches.  Our current annual capacity at this mill is 220 million board feet.Seneca Dimension Mill Headrig

As one log is sawn at the headrig (above), simultaneously the next log is scanned to determine its true shape.  This information immediately feeds into the economic optimizer, which calculates all possible width combinations to determine the cutting pattern that will produce the optimum value from each piece at the edger:  2×4 through 2×14 and 8- to 28-foot lengths. This process enables us to produce consistently straight lumber in the widths and lengths most in demand.

The concrete foundation and steel framework of the Dimension Mill headrig incorporates a temperature control system that continually circulates 58-degree water to eliminate any fluctuation in sawing precision due to expansion or contraction of the foundation and framework. This controlled atmosphere maintains the extreme accuracy level demanded by our manufacturing philosophy — another quality control innovation from Seneca.

Our Flying Saw/Edger optimizer is one of the patented processes developed by Seneca.  Pinstops space each piece of lumber systematically as it approaches the flying saw, where excess wane on the leading edge is removed in a perfectly straight line.