Patents & Innovations

We continue to develop, streamline and perfect our technology to keep Seneca on the cutting edge.  Management and operations employees throughout our manufacturing facility work together closely, analyzing current production operations with an eye for improving crew safety while achieving greater speed and efficiency.

We all work together as a team and the result of that collaboration is the highest-quality finished product available on the market. Our engineers are involved with the design and engineering of special projects, as well as research and development of sawmill equipment.

One example of Seneca’s innovations is our patented Flying Edger.  It is a method of sawing, unique to Seneca, which holds the raw material in the proper position, allows it to cut the full length and ensure the manufacture of straight, sturdy studs.  This reduces the time and money spent on framing during construction, ensuring the studs remain straight and the time spent truing walls is kept to a minimum. The Flying Edger also minimizes wane, which assures the widest nailing edge possible.  Seneca Sawmill Flying Edger

Always looking forward, always a step ahead, our quality keeps on growing.