Lumber Sales

To stock our high-end dimension lumber or studs, green or dry, please contact our Sales Team.  Our expert staff will not only provide you with prompt, reliable quotes, they will maintain regular contact keeping you updated on the market and changes in the lumber industry.  Our team takes pride in anticipating your needs and building strong customer relationships.

At Seneca, we are uniquely positioned to accommodate your product needs in varying dimensions.  We look forward to sharing our dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, allowing you the opportunity to see our strengths first hand:

  • Clean, Fresh StockStack of Seneca Sawmill Lumber Dry Hem Fir 2x4s
  • No Prior Selection Pulled
  • Prompt Shipment
  • Priced by Length
  • Approximately 2.5 Million Board Feet Quoted Daily
  • Delivered by Truck and Van to 48 States and Dock Facilities
  • Delivered Rail Cars (Burlington Northern and Union Pacific access)
  • Highly Mixed Carloads and Truckloads