At Seneca Sawmill we take great pride in the quality of lumber we produce.  We especially enjoy the feedback we receive from customers. Below are some of our favorite and most recent reviews.


“Thanks so much for taking the time to show Steve and me the operation at Seneca. That place always amazes me. What a clean and efficient operation it is! Thanks for all that you do for All-Coast.”

-Kent Bond, All-Coast Forest Products, Inc.


“More than half of our green dimensional lumber comes from Seneca Sawmill. We buy product from them because of their above average quality, the ability to buy exactly what we need, and the easy ability of trucking. Their quality is consistent, their product mix is diverse, and they are located within a few miles of our warehouse.”

-Curt Strahm, Owner, Weatherly’s Inc.

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“The highly professional sales staff are a pleasure to deal with. Pricing and selling individual lengths makes balancing my inventory easy and keeps my turns high, as does the prompt shipment when quoted.”

-John Parsons, Taiga Building

“I used to think a 2×4 was just lumber like any other 2×4. As i started my building career, I would buy any 2×4 lumber hoping for the best in quality, as a novice I would not pay much attention. I started purchasing my lumber from Hi Way lumber in Medford. It wasnt until then i heard of Seneca. At the time I still did not pay that close attention to a 2×4. Although i did notice a few years ago, Hi Way would only have Seneca lumber, so i had little choice on lumber. That’s when it would begin for us, using Seneca lumber has been great; the lumber far exceeds any lumber out there. We know when it says Seneca there’s no question the QUALITY will always be there. You can be assured a unit of Seneca has very little, if any, defects. We will always pay extra to use Seneca. We appreciate your quality and dedication, and hardwork to produce the finest lumber out there.”

-Jasper Liles, 911 Handyman

“My customers prefer your lumber over all the Douglas-fir-producing sawmills. Your company buys the finest logs, and your mill is the most efficient I have ever seen. Too often we forget the important role played by those who work in the mill. You obviously have very skilled employees who take great pride in their work. My congratulations go to those men and women who make Seneca Sawmill the ‘best in the west!’ “

-Frisco Wholesale Lumber, Inc.

“Just a note to let you know how respected your lumber products are.
“My wife and I recently had a vacation home constructed in Central Oregon. The framing contractor offered to reduce his labor bid by $300 if I would provide only Seneca 2×6 studs. Even in Bend they know what we in Eugene/Springfield have always known. Thanks for the exceptional lumber products.”

-H. Stewart Burge

“When I hand-built my house 30 years ago, I used all Seneca lumber, especially 24′-long 2×12’s, and when I added on my shop last month, I again used Seneca 24′-long 2×12’s — same excellent quality.  Thank you.”

-John Dinges Landscape Co.

“I have a small woodworking business, primarily making platform bed frames, primarily from doug fir.  I get my lumber from Jerry’s around the corner and I always make a trip through the lumber yard before going inside to buy any of it, to see how good it is first.  Whenever I see the Seneca stamp on the ends of the kiln-dried 2x6s, I know I need to buy up as many as I can store.  Seneca’s 2x6s are by far the best.  I’m going to go back and load up before the unit is depleted and they bring in another one from a lesser mill.”

-Bryce Mayall, Lignicity