Seneca Sustainable Energy Facility

Seneca Sustainable Energy, LLC recently completed the construction of a 19.8 MW “state of the art” cogeneration facility just north of Eugene, Oregon. Our new facility sits on 6-acres adjacent to Seneca Sawmill Company’s lumber manufacturing complex.  The site is strategically located with an ideal connection to the local power grid.

The cogeneration process generates power and thermal energy from a single fuel source — wood biomass.   The wood biomass used to fuel the cogeneration facility comes from Seneca Sawmill’s bark, sawdust and shavings, as well as forest biomass “logging residuals or slash” from Seneca Jones Timber Company’s sustainably managed tree farm, located nearby in Oregon’s Coast and Cascade Ranges.

One hundred percent of the renewable electricity generated by Seneca Sustainable Energy is sold  to the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB).  The power generated from this facility provides the annual energy needs of more than 13,000 family homes.  Additionally, this facility has the potential to assist EWEB and the State of Oregon in meeting the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) of 25% renewable energy by the year 2025.

Initial plant construction provided employment to 90-craftspeople over a period of 18 months, while ongoing plant operations provide 10-new permanent family wage positions to the local economy.  Acquiring wood biomass from the forest generates additional jobs.

This project represents the largest private capital investment in the Eugene area in decades.