Fuel Supply and Procurement

Seneca Sustainable Energy (SSE) consumes approximately 135,000 Bone Dry Tons (BDT’s) of clean, woody biomass in the form of sawmill and forest residuals to create renewable energy.

Acceptable fuel (woody biomass) includes bark, sawdust, shavings, chips and forest derived biomass.  Unacceptable fuel includes wood that’s been treated or painted, or contains resins or glues (ply-trim, MDF/OSB/particleboard).

Outside material is purchased  on a delivered per Bone Dry Ton “BDT” basis. A BDT is the amount of burnable fiber in the material less the water weight.  Every load is sampled for moisture content to determine the total BDT’s delivered.  Delivered material should not be larger than 5″ and free of non combustible material (dirt, rocks and metal).  SSE has procedures in place to test the quality of the material and determine the percent of non-combustible material delivered.  The non-combustibles should not exceed 5%.

1 BDT = approximately 1 megawatt hour (MWH) or enough to power 750 to 1,000 homes.

 Contact Information Regarding Fuel Procurement:

For Sawmill Residuals:
Todd Payne
General Manager

 For Forest Derived Wood Biomass:
Kevin Tuers
Inventory/Procurement Forester

Seneca Timberlands Manager Todd Payne Seneca Inventory Forester Kevin Tuers
(541) 689-1011 (Office) (541) 461-6242 (Office)