Seneca Sustainable Energy Emission ControlsLane County sets very high standards for air quality.  To exceed compliance with these high standards, Seneca dedicated approximately 25% of the plant’s total capital cost solely to emission control equipment and technology.

Emission controls include a multiclone cyclonic separator, a 4-field electrostatic precipitator and a continuous emission monitoring system, far exceeding minimum air quality standards.  All biomass material fed to the facility utilize fully enclosed conveyors and duct to a baghouse to remove particulate emissions with 99.9% efficiency.

In Lane County, all emissions are monitored under a Lane Regional Air Protection Agency permit.

Seneca Sustainable Energy’s facility is the cleanest and lowest emission renewable power plant currently running in the western United States.  The Seneca Family of Companies lives and breathes in Lane County and we made a serious commitment to air quality in designing this facility.

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