Seneca Sustainable Energy Biomass Receiving StationRaw woody material enters the renewable energy plant from two sources, internally from our Sawmill facility and outside sources, which include forest slash.  The outside sources arrive at the cogeneration facility in the form of chips via truck.  Trucks back up onto the receiving station and raw material is unloaded into a completely closed conveyor system.  Bark and sawdust from Seneca’s Sawmill also arrive into the energy plant’s delivery system via fully enclosed conveyors.  All raw woody material is ducted to a baghouse to remove particulate emissions with 99.9% efficiency.

The benefits include significantly reduced wood dust and a clean, efficient operation.  All wood material delivered is fully utilized to its fullest potential with nothing left to waste.  By bringing forest slash into our facility, we reduce the quantity of open burning of this material, resulting in improved air quality.

Seneca Cogeneration Facility Conveyor System

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