Seneca Fuel Storage BuildingThe fuel storage facility represents the largest building in our cogeneration complex, consisting of approximately 45,000 square feet, or just a little over an acre.  The size of this building allows us to store all of the raw material for the energy plant under cover and out of the weather.  From a capacity viewpoint, we are able to store nearly two weeks of raw material necessary for energy production.  This housing facility ultimately allows us to achieve and control moisture content which is crucial for running at optimum production.

Essentially, all incoming material comes into the fuel storage facility through completely enclosed conveyor systems.  The storage building is divided into two identical storage locations, allowing us to separate and ultimately mix fuel types.  Rake arms pass over the raw material, groom the chip piles, then reclaim for efficient delivery of biomass via conveyor to the boiler.

In designing the fuel storage building a SMART lighting system was installed to further enhance Seneca’s energy efficiency.  We installed translucent panels to maximize the diffused, omni-directional ambient light available.  These panels allow light in, while reflecting heat.  High energy efficiency lighting with sensor systems, regulate lamps and contribute to further energy savings.

Seneca Fuel Storage Building Interior

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